"It Is Well" - Ama

Kathy Smith

"It Is Well" my friend Ama said as she bid me farewell at our shop a couple of days ago. Yes, Ama is a REAL person and a wonderful sister and friend.

It IS well! When life sometimes hits you with a VERY SCREWED UP HARD LEFT and throws you up in the air and has you BOUNCE TWICE to boot? It can be a HUGE MOUNTAIN to get over.

During this journey called life we go about it not paying attention, just going. Just working, just eating, just being. Then it happens......a accident......a death. Then our "going" is paused.

So now what? We can't just lay down and give up, we must keep going.

However, HOW we go is the topic here.

Learn to slow down, focus on your mind and spirit well being and let your emotions flow in a healthy way. It's okay to cry, be sad, be angry, be overwhelmed, etc. Man or Woman, it's okay. We need to know that we are not SUPER all of the time, sometimes, taking off the cape for a moment or two is needed to build MORE strength. 

We must stop ignoring our thoughts, emotions and feelings. We have the RIGHT to think our own thoughts and express our own emotions and FEEL our own feelings. This is nothing to be embarrassed about, it's NATURAL and HUE-Man :-)

With that being said, let your healing journey begin......... and as my friend Ama would say and know that "It Is Well"!

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