Natural Hand Sanitizer w/ 2 FREE Vegan Friendly Hand Soaps!

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****PLEASE NOTE**** REASON for the PRICE?!

We are paying at RETAIL cost if not higher for ingredients because we REFUSE to sacrifice QUALITY for OUR CUSTOMERS (we have even driven up to 4 counties away from where we live to find ingredients)! We are NOT charging for labor and are not so much as breaking even. Our products are works of LOVE. What's good for our family is good for ALL OF OUR NATURAL FRIEND FAMILY! Please Be Safe & Fear Not & Continue to Be GREAT!

Made to help disinfect hands with a pleasant light scent of Tea Tree & Lemon Essential Oils & Coconut. Our All Natural Hand Sanitizer will leave you feeling confident knowing that a chemical free way of sanitizing hands without worry.

Our Vegan Friendly Hand Sanitizer includes Organic Aloe Vera, Lemon & Tea Tree Essential Oils & Other QUALITY Ingredients! This is a potent so little is needed.
RECEIVE 2 FREE MINI HAND SOAPS with each order of Hand Sanitizer!
Made for those whose skin tends to be sensitive to the "typical" over the counter hand sanitizers  (Ours Contains 91% Alcohol)
So from Our Family to Yours...
Here's to Taking a Stand & CLEANSING Those Hands!


We have replaced the spray tops with disc capped tops. Simply because of the slightly more thick mixer.


Pure Coconut Infused Witch Hazel (No Alcohol), Pure Witch Hazel (with Alcohol) Organic 100% Aloe Vera, 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil & Pure Lemon Essential Oils.

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