Pampering Mini Pedi Sets! Great for Gift Giving Choose One or All 3!

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These lovely gift sets are made for those who love to treat themselves to a mini spa day! 

All of the bath salts smell Amazing & are paired with a scented lotion (a solidified lotion that melts to the warmth of your skin when applied) bar minis.

Gift Sets Include: 1 oz Bath Salt, One Lotion Bar Mini or a 1 oz Pedi-Oil (each set is pictured), wrapped up and ready for that special someone.

Mango: Scented with Fragrance Oil

Lavender: Essential Oil

Natural Rose & Lavender: Essential Oil


All items are scented using Essential Oils or a FRAGRANCE OIL (Vegan, Phthalate-Free, Not Tested on Animals and No Harmful Chemicals)