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Raw Black Soap Shampoos

Raw Black Soap Shampoos

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Raw Black Soap Shampoo/Body Wash!

No Chemicals, No Preservatives & Vegan Friendly! A Shampoo AND Body Wash in one! Sensitive Skin Friendly!

Now with Organic Aloe Vera and Coconut Water! Yassss Babies!

We have newly revamped our original recipe and will still never go back to regular shampoo or body wash, EVER! As a shampoo it works great for Kinky to Coily Hair (no oily residue or that super dried out feeling/look, just a nice sheen). Of course make sure to add your hair butter or hair oil for extra lubrication, as this shampoo is made to really deep clean your hair.

A MUST HAVE for all of those going all natural and healthy! As a Body Wash it won't leave your skin dried out but with a great feeling deep clean. Because we use NO thickeners, this is a more liquid product, hence use a LOOFAH, as a wash cloth would be too wasteful of product. So, Here's to Loving the Skin You're In!

Keep in Mind that this Shampoo is very liquid to MAXIMIZE POTENTCY! Hence, a little goes a long way!

Black Soap Shampoo (No Oils) Ingredients:

Distilled Water, 9.5 Alkaline Water, Coconut Water Raw Shea Butter Black Soap & Organic Aloe Vera.

Our Black Soap Shampoo has No Chemicals, No Oils & Vegan Friendly! Can be used on FINE hair as well!

Raw Black Soap Shampoo/Body Wash Ingredients:
Distilled Water, 9.5 Alkaline Water, Coconut Water Raw Shea Butter Black Soap, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Non GMO Coconut Oil and Pure Sweet Almond Oil with Vitamin E.

This shampoo/bodywash can be used on relaxed hair with no problem. However this shampoo is NOT made for NATURALLY FINE TEXTURED HAIR!

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